Letter to our Membership

Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

Happy New Year!  Thank you for the opportunity to serve our organization, as President and Vice President.  We are excited about the possibilities for our administration, and we look forward to working with all of you to perpetuate the legacy of our Dear Olde B.A.  Please join with us as we pray for God’s guidance and direction.  We aspire to find ways to revitalize our campus and make it a site in Burke County where children and adults can meet, learn, and share meaningful experiences.

In December, we met to develop our goals for 2018.  We decided that our first goal is to expand the membership of our organization.  Hence, we have our national campaign – “Each One Reach One”.  We are asking all active BANAA members to ask one inactive member to pay their membership dues, and attend the 2018 Reunion (October 5-7) in Atlanta, GA.  We need you to be present in our General Meeting to help us refine our goals for 2019.  

Our second goal is to continue our efforts to develop a collaborative, functional and proactive BANAA/BRLC relationship that will improve and support the Legacy of Boggs.   Boggs was our training ground and we were educated with the above stated mission:  Christian Purpose, Academic Excellence, and Unique Experiences.  All of us had different Unique experiences, and we all were exposed to Christian and Academic experiences, which prepared us for the lives we now live.  “Now is the time for all good Boggsites to come to the aide of the BANAA, and help us find and create ways to bring new life to the buildings and campus in Keysville.”  In days gone by, we pledged to hold Boggs in our hearts.  Now let us repurpose our campus.  For example, turn our dining hall into a banquet center for the people of Burke County to have family reunions and wedding parties. Join with the BRLC and update the old President’s House and make it an Alumni House.  What an honor it would be to leave a campus for children and families to write new stories on Quaker Road.   Caroline Whitcomb is chronicling the unique stories that we can tell.    If you would like to tell Caroline your Boggs story, contact her at: cw10355@georgiasouthern.edu, or call 706-394-1914.


We are committed to continue effective communication with all BANAA Members, Associate Members and Alumni through an updated and improved website, the Panther newsletter, emails, and telephone calls.  We plan to focus on and solicit passionate and committed individuals with talents and abilities to help move us forward.

We are grateful for your support and hope you will become a more active member. WITHOUT YOU, WE DO NOT EXIST.


Marsha Artis c/o 67, President

Delores Parks c/o 66, Vice President

 February 6, 2018