Boggs Academy was a Christian co-educational college preparatory boarding school founded in 1906 in Keysville Georgia, by Reverend Dr. John L. Phelps. After its founding the school came under the auspices of the Board of National Missions of the Presbyterian Church, USA. The school was named for Miss Virginia P. Boggs who helped to secure contributions toward its land and erection. The school closed in 1986 after 80 years of operations and is being leased by a private organization for community service activities. A restoration effort was launched in 2014 by the Boggs Rural Life Center and they ultimately are striving to have Boggs listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

The National Alumni Association of Boggs Academy is committed to continuing the legacy of this great institution. In 2006, The Boggs Academy National Scholarship Fund was established for the purpose of awarding scholarships to DIRECT DESCENDANTS: Defined as a person or offspring who is the child, grandchild or great -grandchild of a Boggs attendee/graduate or a BANAA Associate member of the Boggs Academy National Alumni Association. Through these awards it is our intention to grow the legacy. As each recipient graduates and goes out into the world, it is our hope and belief that they will continue to exemplify and illuminate the prestigious standards and ideals reflected through the Boggs Academy education.

Revised – 12/2019

(For Student Use)

The scholarship application deadline is -Feb 20th of the current year.  (Application download is at bottom of this page.)

MEMBERSHIP:  The Boggs Academy National Alumni Association (BANAA) is an organization dedicated to creating opportunity for their descendants to continue the legacy of academic and social excellence synonymous with the Boggs Academy College Preparatory School.  Recipients of Boggs Academy National Alumni Scholarship (BANAS) are encouraged to give back by supporting the association’s scholarship fund upon completion of their studies.

REAPPLICATION:  Those who have previously applied are encouraged to apply again.  It is the intention of the association to award scholarships each year to those deserving students proven to be strong worthy candidates. 

 The Scholarship Committee reviews all applications and selects the scholarship winner(s).  Winners will be notified of their selection electronically. All decisions made by this committee are FINAL...


Revised – 12/2019

(For Student Use)


Please Read Carefully:

By accepting this award, the recipient is agreeing to the following conditions governing this scholarship:                

The recipient will:

1.     Understand that a second payment will not be awarded if the student fails to successfully complete the semester requirements detailed in the application process.

2.     Understand that if your application is incomplete, or not submitted ELECTRONICALLY, it will not be considered.

3.      Remain in good standing with the institution.   `

4.      Understand that BANAA reserves the right to use the name and/or photograph of the recipient in promotional materials designed to increase awareness of the scholarship fund and when advertising fund raising events for the scholarship program.

5.     Understand that Boggs Academy National Alumni Association is an organization dedicated to creating an opportunity for their descendants to continue the legacy of academic and social excellence synonymous with Boggs Academy College Preparatory School.  Recipients of the Boggs Academy National Scholarship (BANAS) are encouraged to volunteer any available time they may have during their summer vacation and/or spring break or upon completion of their studies towards giving back by supporting the association’s scholarship program.     

6.     Understand that being awarded this scholarship is -A Privilege. As a privilege it may be revoked, withdrawn or terminated in the event that the recipient does not comply with its intended purpose.  The scholarship will be placed under review if the facts and circumstances of the recipient’s performance, whether scholastic or otherwise, do not comply with the Rules and Procedural Guidelines stated in this document.

7.     Understand that The Scholarship committee remains interested in following the recipient’s accomplishments and endeavors during and beyond the Scholarship period.  Therefore, the recipient is encouraged to COMMUNICATE regularly with the Scholarship committee regarding his or her post-secondary progress. The recipient is also encouraged to share any specific problems encountered with the scholarship process so that the committee can assist and make corrections as needed. 

8.     Understand that once the selection of a candidate has been completed, neither the BANAA Scholarship Committee, nor the Executive Board will retain application information of rejected candidates; nor will they discuss reasons pertaining to why an applicant was selected or rejected for this scholarship.  Once a candidate has been selected, their decision will be FINAL unless the award is forfeited by that candidate. 

By submitting an application, I am agreeing to all of the above statements.



Scholarship Amount: $1,000 for fulltime enrollment or $500 for less than fulltime enrollment 


The purpose of this scholarship is to provide financial assistance to maximize higher education learning opportunities for high school graduates and college students who are direct descendants of Boggs Academy Alumni or Associate Members of the Boggs Academy National Alumni Association.

DIRECT DESCENDANT: Defined as a person or offspring who is the child, grandchild or great -grandchild of a Boggs attendee/graduate or a BANAA Associate member of the Boggs Academy National Alumni Association.

ASSOCIATE MEMBER: Defined as a person in good standing with their Associate Membership dues and has served a minimum of 3 years active service to the Boggs Academy Alumni Association in one of these capacities: ( board member, board officer, chapter officer, committee member, other).


Scholarship applications should be forwarded to the selection committee by Feb 20th of the year the scholarship will be awarded. 


1.     Must be a direct descendant of a Boggs Academy Attendee/Graduate or a direct descendant of an associate member of the Boggs Academy National Alumni Association.  Descendant is defined as a daughter/son, granddaughter/grandson or great granddaughter or great grandson.

2.     Graduating high school senior that has been accepted to an accredited college/university.                 

3.     Undergraduate who is currently attending an accredited institution.  



Download and complete the application and attach the following required documents prior to emailing to our address of:

1.     Complete BANAS application and attach other available items in an email message to the scholarship committee. (Attachments should include eligibility criteria).

2.    Two letters of recommendation (1-teacher/instructor and 1-personal). These cannot be from family members.

3.    Transcripts from high school and/or ALL prior college work completed. If applicant has completed less than 30 semester hours or equivalent, both high school and college transcripts must be sent by email directly from your high school or college.

4.    Type written essay (two pages double-spaced) of 500 words or more.  Applicants should write on the essay subject given on the application.


Selection Criteria:     

                  1.     Grade point average of 2.8 or above

                  2.     Community Service

                  3.     Achievements, awards, and/or recognitions

                  4.     Written Essay

                  5.     Letters of Recommendation 




Please read the program rules and instructions carefully.   Complete application fully, add attachments, and email by February 20th to:

Phone: 1-843-372-4925