Eunice Roberta Lott

 (July 18, 1946-March 20, 2017)

Roberta, as we affectionately called her, was born in Newport News, VA. She married Robert Long, who graduated Boggs in ’62.  Shortly after, they had their son, Rodney and their daughter Lisa.

 During her forty-years in Anchorage, Alaska, Roberta had a long career in education which spanned from elementary school teacher, principal and ultimately a district level administrator.

 As a retiree, Roberta continued to work in education, teaching, supervising and mentoring pre- service teachers. She had a true heart for children and education.

As a result, Roberta joined her Boggs family in 2014 and lead the program to overwhelming success. Every area of the BANAA of which she was a part, benefited greatly from her presence.

 Roberta was a board member, assisted in editing our newsletter, was a mentor to our youth, chairlady of the scholarship committee as well as supporter of any reunion endeavor in which others may have needed assistance. If it needed to be done, she did it!

Our entire organization, stands behind our president, Modou N’dow when he labels her as “an amazingly phenomenal lady” in terms of the monumental contributions she made to our organization as an individual and collectively.


There have been losses in our lives that are as vivid as the gleaming of the brightest star in the galaxy.  Most of these were close relatives, but when we lost Roberta (as we called her) it penetrated our very soul.

She and the Scholarship Committee shared a mutual mission.  We shared many conversations, written documents, emails, and conference calls.  She was always there, whenever we needed her, directing, guiding and sharing. She was a powerful advocate for student achievement, an inspiring colleague, a friend to all who knew her as well as a loving mother and grandmother.  

Roberta devoted every waking hour to making her educational/scholarship mission a reality.  It was a mission you could see, feel and touch. Her presence made a major difference in the Boggs Academy Scholarship Program, its members, and the many students whose lives she touched.

Eunice Roberta Lott changed the lives of all who knew her.  She had an enormous heart full of love for the Boggs Academy family, students, colleagues and was very passionate about helping them ALL succeed.  She impacted everyone she met and everyone was her immediate friend.  She laughed a lot, was cheerful always, and had endearing terms for those who worked closely with her.

Roberta was a "Force for good" who led from behind. She was a quiet leader with a roaring voice for students and educators.  She never sought the limelight but wanted limelight for students who stood in the shadows, unnoticed by some or wrongly noted by others.  She was not just a great listener but a collaborative problem solver.

Our dear schoolmate’s passing leaves a big hole in the hearts of the BANAA family, and those who loved her. She will be remembered as one of the most special people ever.  Her legacy will be carried forward by those she inspired for many years to come.

Submitted by

Thelma Farley Cahoon ’64-Scholarship Committee Co-chairlady 2017